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Other attributes include:

  • Attractive surface

  • Lightweight and easily handled.

  • Porous interior & hard smooth surface

  • Flammability rating UL 94 V-O

  • Resists most chemicals & water.

  • Good sound dampening properties

  • Meets USDA standards.

Foamacell PVC Foam Board: Lightweight, Durable, and Customizable.

Our PVC sheet is a moderately expanded high-density polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sheet, offering a world of possibilities in the plastics industry. Embrace its lightweight nature, as PVC foam board can be easily cut, sawed, drilled, and fabricated to suit your precise needs.

Whether it's standard 4’x8’ or 4’x10’ foam board sheets or a myriad of custom cut sizes, we have you covered. With endless options for customization, PVC can be laminated, printed, painted, and silk-screened, making it an ideal choice for exhibits, displays, and signage.

PVC foam board is the epitome of versatility.

Approximately half the weight of solid PVC, it doesn't compromise on durability, thriving under adverse conditions. Its water-resistant and fire-repellent properties offer peace of mind and reliability, ensuring exceptional performance in various applications.


​We currently stock several thicknesses ranging from 1/8” to 1” in White and Black.  However, we can custom cut your order on site at our state-of-the-art production facility. Tolerances are typically less than 5%. If a specific tolerance is required, please do not hesitate to contact us. ​


Thickness Options:

  • 3/64″ = .040 = 1mm

  • 5/64″ = .080 = 2mm

  • 1/8″ = .118″ = 3mm      

  • 15/64″ = .236 = 6mm

  • 25/64″ = .394 = 10mm

  • 1/2″ = .472″ = 12mm

  • 3/4″ = .750″ = 19mm 

  • 1″ = 1″ = 25mm   

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