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Experience Seamless Templating with Corrugated Template Strips

Our corrugated template strips are easily cut with a razor and bonded with hot glue. Effortlessly create custom templates, ideal for marble, granite, and quartz countertops. Our fluted corrugated plastic is water-resistant, lightweight, and portable for job site efficiency.

countertop template strip 1.jpeg

The number of countertop template strips contained in each box varies by the width of the templates.

Sizes and quantity per box:

  • 2”x95” (154 per box)

  • 2.25″ X 95″ (140 pieces per box)

  • 2.5”x95” (126 per box)

  • 3”x95” (105 per box)


 4mm (.157“  5/32”)

Corrugated countertop template strips offer fabricators a cost-effective and efficient solution for precise templating. Their durability, reusability, and versatility contribute to a seamless fabrication process, ensuring customer satisfaction and optimized results for every countertop project.


  • Precise and Accurate Measurements: Corrugated countertop template strips are designed to provide precise and accurate measurements, ensuring a perfect fit for countertops. Their corrugated structure allows for easy contouring and shaping around edges and corners, reducing the need for guesswork during installations.

  • Time and Cost Savings: Using corrugated countertop template strips streamlines the templating process, saving valuable time and resources. They allow for quick and efficient measurements, enabling fabricators to complete projects faster, reduce material waste, and optimize overall costs.

  • Lightweight and Easy Handling: These template strips are lightweight and easy to handle, making them convenient for transport and installation. Installers can work comfortably with the strips, reducing the risk of fatigue and improving overall productivity.

  • Reusability: Corrugated countertop template strips are often reusable, allowing fabricators to use them for multiple projects. Their durability ensures they can withstand repeated use without losing their accuracy or shape, making them a cost-effective option in the long run.

  • Versatility: These template strips are versatile and can be used with various countertop materials, including stone, laminate, wood, and more. This flexibility makes them suitable for a wide range of countertop projects, catering to different design preferences and client requirements.

  • Reliable and Consistent Results: Using corrugated template strips ensures consistent and reliable results during the fabrication process. Fabricators can trust that the measurements obtained will accurately translate into well-fitting countertops, reducing the risk of errors and the need for rework.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: With precise measurements and a smooth installation process, customers benefit from countertops that fit seamlessly into their space, increasing overall satisfaction with the end product.

  • Reduced Material Waste: By providing accurate measurements, corrugated countertop template strips minimize material waste during the fabrication process. This eco-friendly approach aligns with sustainable practices and reduces the environmental impact of the project.

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