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UHMW Sheet


Our Ethyglyde brand UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Polyethylene is an incredibly durable, self-lubricating plastic which is highly abrasion resistant and easy to clean.


Common uses for UHMW are food preparation and industrial pipes and fittings. Our UHMW sheets are approved by the FDA for use in food preparation.  To ensure that the thickness is true throughout the entire sheet our UHMW is skived.  


We have a full stock of UHMW in Natural and Black colors, ranging in size from 1/4” to 2”, larger thicknesses can be available by special order.  We sell full sheets mainly in 4’x8’ UHMW and 4’x10’ UHMW.  Cut sheets we always stock are 2’x4’, 4’x4’ and 2’x8’.  However, our team is always available to make any custom cuts to your exact specifications.  

Thickness Options:

  • 1/4″ = .259 = 6.35mm

  • 3/8″ = .374″ = 9.5mm

  • 1/2 = .500 = 12.7mm

  • 3/4″ = .750 = 19mm

  • 1″ = 25mm

  • 1.5″ = 38mm

  • 1.75″ = 44.5mm

  • 2″ = 51mm

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